Terraria Server Hosting Review

Terraria is controversially Minecrafts 2D twin, we don't think so but we certainly believe it is one of the most popular games out there with large communities in modding and multiplayer. To play Terraria with your friends or host a large server for a community you'll need a Terraria server. Today we will review, in our opinion, the best Terraria server hosts.

Our top picks in this review are known throughout the community for being the best hosting out there, having great servers and customer support. The below table outlines each providers services for Terraria.

Streamline Servers Host Havoc
Pricing From $10/Month From $12.60/Month
Max Slots 32 48
Fast Servers
Custom Order
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But what actually makes a good host?

Server hardware and customer support.

But what does good server hardware look like?

Server processors such as Intel Xeon or AMD Ryzen are a must when hosting a scalable server. These processors are specifically tailored for running servers in multiple threads - this means more workers doing more work.

Whilst player slots aren't exactly server hardware, having the amount you need is important. If you only expect a select few to join your server, order a server for however many slots that is. However, if you wish to host a larger server, make sure you order enough slots. However, this can be upgraded later.

Server Storage is another important topic. Fast storage drives such as NVME SSDs are essential to serving data. Always look for the latest hardware.

Now what does good customer support look like?

At the very least, your host should have 24/7 support. This means at any hour, any day of the week you will be attended to. Server upkeep is crucial and providers know this. If you have an issue, your provider must answer quickly and for these reasons we've picked hosts with top notch customer support.

Host Havoc excels in the community as one of the best Terraria hosts.

Host Havoc is by far the best server host I have used. Their support is superb. They are kind and reply back quickly. I've never had a problem with their servers, unless it was something which I messed up on my own, which support was more than willing to help!
Shauna-Lynn W.

Ok. We've talked about server hardware and customer support, but what about location?

When choosing a hosting location for your server it's crucial to think of your player base. If you're located in Australia and your player base is based in the US, it's probably a smart choice to host in the US.

What about streamline servers?

Legit hosting company, zero issues what so ever. I highly recommend them!
Nick Powers

Now for our top pick. Whilst we haven't quite hosted a Terraria server with Streamline Servers, they certainly seem to us, and the community, to be the best Terraria server host out there. You can order a server with them now here, or look back on your options.